When we lived in North Carolina going on adventures was a regular occurrence.  We had a great selection of parks nearby and since the weather was nice almost year-round we would head to a park to hike around and explore a couple times a week.  Virginia has lots of beautiful parks too but I was so sick during the first half of my pregnancy that unfortunately the beautiful fall passed us by without much adventuring.  I've been itching to get outdoors and 45 degrees seemed like warm enough after a week of cold weather.  We headed to a nearby park that we haven't been to before and just started walking.  At the end of the trail we found a pond and thankfully she had the proper footwear for splashing.  It felt so nice to be outside together and it made me so excited for a spring and summer of adventuring with both of my babies.

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best day

An unexpectedly perfect afternoon.  So perfect that I named all of these images some variant of "best_day_ever" when I exported them from Lightroom after editing.  Just the two of us, sitting/laying/dancing in her room as the sun set and made stripey shadows on her walls.  She asked me questions about my favorite things to play with when I was in preschool.  I asked her what she was most excited about when her baby sister arrives (Changing diapers was her answer.  We'll see if that excitement holds after the first few days).  She jumped on the bed, giggled, changed her outfit several times, and showed me how she likes to make her bed.  

I know all parents feel this way so it's not a unique feeling--but sometimes I just cannot get over this funny, interesting, cute little creature who lives in my house and I can't believe she's mine.  As we get closer to my due date and I sense that the dynamics of our family are shifting I am so grateful for the gift of this afternoon and these images of her just exactly as she is right now.  

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Baby Tessa

You know a session is adorable when it gets you even more excited about giving birth to your own second child.  Seeing this family together, and especially these two sisters, made my heart go pitter pat.  We had such a fun and relaxing session at their home.  If you're a photographer you know things are going well when you have to bribe the older sibling to stop kissing the baby for a few frames.  I was so thrilled to be able to capture this brand new baby girl with her family in her first week of life.  I know this is a lot of scrolling but I had a hard time choosing.  When you see this beautiful little face you'll understand why.

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